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May It Be: Growing a Genuine Life is a collection of short offerings on creating a growing and giving life, while celebrating along the way.

This book makes a thoughtful gift for anyone in a time of change or growth -- perfect for graduations, religious ceremonies, housewarming, mother's day, father's day, weddings, or the start of a new job. 

May It Be started as a blessings that Chrissa wrote for her oldest son as he graduated from high school and started college.  Her hope is that everyone will find encouraging words in the book that resonate with where they are now, or where they hope to be.

"The thoughtful, soul-filled words of May It Be will change you, not to someone else, but to the person you were called to be in the first place."

-- Rachel George, Adjunct Professor, University of Notre Dame

May It Be: Growing a Genuine Life
By Chrissa Ventrelle



May you examine
the loose threads of your life
and pause before pulling,
knowing an impulsive tug
can unravel stitches of labor and love.

May you seek first
to repair,
to mend,
to hem
with compassion.

May you be a seamstress of restoration
and a tailor of reconciliation.


May you litter your path
with seeds of kindness,
spurring wildflowers
to bloom in you wake.

May others do the same,
so you feel the brave rhythm
of receiving from those ahead
and leaving for those behind.

And like those flowers,
may you grow.


May you show compassion for your imperfections
and observe your flaws with detachment,
carefully choosing which to accept and which to fix.

May you notice a bruised fruit
still tastes sweet,
a creaky door still opens wide,
and a bended tree still offers shade.

May you understand
that blemishes mark us all,
but the joyful and wise
transform these reservoirs of shame
into endearing wellsprings of humor. 


May your life be a harvest,
abundant in adventures
and rich in relationships.

May you feast
on what your hands and heart
have lovingly cultivated over seasons,
while still preserving some
for darker times.

As you till your days like soil
and a legacy grows,
may you also taste
what sprouts wildly
from the earth.

May you be farmer and forager,
nurturer of the familiar
and seeker of the unexplored.